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About me

Hi, thanks for stopping by my website!

I'm Sarah Broad and this is lovely Darcy my fluffy neice. 

I was born and raised in sunny Lichfield. I trained as a theatre designer but due to the need of paying bills and eating food I ended up in the crazy world of Children's telly. 17 years later I decided to have a go at something slightly different (but i'm sure you can still see the kids TV influences) I was partly furloughed in 2021 and so decided to put my free time to good use and learn some new drawing software ( I love learning - such  a geek!) Starting with Darcy as my model I developed a set of colourful and fun greetings cards. After years of working on such creatations for other people I thought why not have a go myself! With the aim of one day expanding into a bricks and morter bookshop one day... Broadly Books was born.

Do check out my Etsy shop or if you'd like something made to order drop me an email at

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